Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mixtape #5: Take Back the Streets

collage on card c.1985 ©StudioMONDO
I've lived in the city all my life with the except one brief stay in a sprawling apartment complex in Atlanta that was like a buffer zone between the the city and the suburbs. It was close enough to downtown to have good bus service and close enough to the suburbs to be close to a mall and be near dead silent at night. I loved living in the city, though. Cities are for social people who like to go out and make new friends because gathering places are many and, often, the options are within walking distance of each other. The suburbs tend to be for those with families who already have a core group of friends and neighbors to socialize with. As I've gotten older I've started think about a third mode of living: the country. 

Now that i have a car (which, for those that know me, is a fairly recent development) the country's lure of quiet solitude beckons me and i think i could be comfortable with intermittent/molasses slow Internet (i have Verizon DSL now so how much worse could it be?), lame TV reception (i have a digital box that barely works anymore but i don't watch much TV anyhow). My Mom lives in the country and is very content to have satellite TV but she also has her sewing hobby and lots of family and friends to visit. I wish i had more time to go and visit her except i don't know how many more times i can spend the night sleeping on, what may be, the same bed i had when i was 11.

Still, for right now, i love living in the city.

The Take Back the Streets mixtape:

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