Monday, December 26, 2011

New to Me Music: Twink "Itsy Bits & Bubbles"

I don't remember how I discovered Twink (aka Mike Langlie, a very nice guy f.y.i.) but I'm glad I did. Twink's music is composed for and played on toy pianos and other odd things ranging from kitchen utensils to music boxes to 8-bit video game samples. He often collaborates with other musicians to make music that can be hyper-cute (in a good way, mind you) to oddly spooky.  I have a copy of his limited edition version of "A Toy Box" which is incredibly entertaining. As I get more disposable income I will definitely add more Twink to my record collection.
The latest collection of Twinkiness is called "Itsy Bits & Bubbles" and, after you listen to the widget below, how can you not want to have it to brighten up your day on a regular basis?